When we realise just how much we have received from God, it's only natural to want to give something back. The main way we do this is by offering ourselves spiritually to God and by being faithful to our vocation. But there are also many other meaningful ways we can give back to God and the church. And so our Parish provides many opportunities to contribute to the life of the Church.

Pastoral Care of the sick and elderly

Since the very beginning of the church, it has been a mark of the Christian to visit the elderly and infirmed, and especially to bring them the most Holy Communion. This task is no less important today, and so our Parish continues to make every effort to visit those Catholics unable to attend Holy Mass.


Parish Pastoral Council

This council is a consultative body which serves to advise our parish priest about pastoral matters. Here we endeavour to listen to the hopes, joys and desires of our faithful.


Parish Finance Council

This council assists our PP in his financial and administrative responsibilities. This is a role particularly suited to any with a finance or management background.

Altar Servers

The Holy Mass is the greatest act of God in our world and we are called to assist with it! Any child who has received their First Holy Communion is invited to become an altar server and assist in this holy deed. Recruitment for new Altar Servers usually occurs once a year and ongoing formation is held periodically throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Altar Servers Coordinator on

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry of St. Pauls Parish aims to foster a holistic approach in the growth of its members in order to be productive, inspiring and model individuals of the Catholic community. It promotes a family, Church and Christ centred relationship, which will help in strengthening understanding of the Catholic faith and building a harmonious community. The Youth Group runs once a month after the Saturday night youth mass in the hall and consists of some dinner, games and Catechesis. This group is aimed for children in Year 7 and up. For more information, please contact the Youth Ministry Coordinator on

Rosary Group

Mary is the safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way of approaching Jesus. And one of the best ways of approaching Jesus is through the Rosary. All are invited to join the Rosary Group which supports this devotion through the making and distribution of rosaries for people all over the world.  


The volunteers in our catering group help with providing refreshments and catering for funerals.

Liturgy Committee

This committee assists our Parish priest in the preparation of liturgies that are fitting and worthy of the glory of God